Road to Hana dangerous to haoles such as me

I am an easy target in this time of us opening this island. The road to Hana has become dangerous to guys like me.

I am driver on the road to Hana. I have lived here 10 years. I respect all culture, as well as the land.

No matter what the reason, hate has increased around Hana and surrounding communities.

Recently, I became a victim of hate and racism. Just because of being an easy target. Objects were thrown at me. Then had a man ran up behind me and blindly hit me with all his strength just because I’m haole.

This hate must stop. Such an act of racism.

If the communities no wish to have haoles driving the road to Hana, then stop the rentals cars from coming, and protest peacefully. They could block the road. Slow up the traffic, so no one wants to go back. Could choose days when families walk the road as one group.

This hate must stop. Even the children give nasty gestures, showing me and other elderly drivers disrespect. Is this what we teach? Is this the love Hana is known for?

I could have been killed the way this man attacked me from the back out of racism. May a peaceful solution be found.

Louis J. Nanez Jr.



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