Educating about the vaccine


Elected officials at all levels need to start right now on working to convince the public that the COVID-19 vaccines we’ll soon be able to take are safe. They’ll have to help us put disinformation aside and see that the only way we’ll put this pandemic behind us is with as close as we can ...

Coastal science important for island dwellers to hear

Letters to the Editor

Coastal science should not be ignored when you live on an island where all weather comes from the sea. It is important to focus our attention on the subtle changes in the sea that impact conditions on land. We watch the direction and intensity of the waves, monitor the tide cycles and ...

Passive supporters led further into darkness

Letters to the Editor

More than 70 million Americans either let themselves be lowered to Trump’s moral level, or were already there, passively awaiting someone to lead them further into darkness. This kind of judgment makes people nervous. But I don’t wish to judge another’s being, only the extent of ...

Efficiently crack down on illegal transient rentals

Letters to the Editor

Coronavirus has devastated Hawaii’s travel-dependent economy. Implementing fair, effective regulations that safely allow travel and revitalize our local businesses should be at the top of post-pandemic recovery plans. As a vacation rental operator in Wailea, I urge Mayor Victorino and the ...

Can our house be saved?


America is in dire straits, mired in problems and seemingly unable to solve any of them. We have a pandemic that’s killing Americans by the tens of thousands in addition to causing unrest over any effort by our government to try to protect us via mask mandates and shutdowns. We have ...