Representative out of touch regarding governance

It is incredulous that earning $76,475, which when benefits are added in the salary is $111, 517, and requesting a raise only demonstrates how out of touch the County Council representative from Molokai is about governance. Recently, she was misinformed about the historical relevance of Wailuku town and confused the issue of shortage of housing with the project that is being proposed for our seat of government that was established in our years as a territory of Hawaii. It is simply illegal and against IRS rules for the use of bond money.

To equate her logic that the mayor of Maui should be her equal in pay is preposterous, as she is not accountable for any department decision nor is she managing the County of Maui. She should look at her island with no transportation, little economic development with the closure of Maunaloa town, Molokai Ranch and Monsanto.

The social and economic issues are stupendous and leadership in these areas is sorely needed. While people look to leadership and access to her is an issue, well, time management will resolve her issues of working 60 hours a week.

I am sure that all 60-hour workers in the private sector would welcome her salary range as they would not have to work two-three jobs to make ends meet.

Cliff R. Libed