The time to reconnect with the aina is now

There is a great uprising that is taking place in these islands. I find it inspiring and soul stirring. Steeped in Kapu Aloha, kanaka maoli are standing firm to protect a mauna that is sacred to them. This movement needs to happen and we are seeing it all around the world. Indigenous people are fighting for their lands and with that the right to save their (our) life-sustaining resources. If we are to continue to live on this planet at all, we need not look far. Hawaiian culture demonstrates how to live with reverence for and in harmony to nature with every breath.

Humanity has swung to the far end of a disconnected existence and our planet is suffering because of it. Our waters are polluted, the reefs are dying and our lands are riddled with nonbiodegradable trash.

Indigenous people come into being from a place born out of a great reverence for life, a connection that Western man has forgotten. If you are willing to open your eyes, heart and mind, it isn’t difficult to see that this fight for Mauna a Wakea is a microcosm of a greater fight for our right as human beings who depend on our relationship to the planet to survive.

The time to reconnect is now. We must value our resources as indigenous people do. We must make different choices. And, we must, must seek out leaders in our communities who value this sacred relationship to the aina.

Erika Lechuga DiSalvo



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