Leftists have no idea on the issues

In response to the Aug. 30 letter “If you vote for a Republican you are disloyal to the US,” far from it actually. As a combat veteran who lost friends and is in bad health due to it, I will not let that slander slide.

You leftists support the very definition of anti-American with support of any Democratic candidate. None have any ideas on issues, so all they can do is go further left and continually shred the Constitution. More than half openly discuss gun confiscation and open borders (eroding U.S. sovereignty). They openly support socialism, taxing us into poverty, destruction of the middle class, and praise their real loyalty to China any chance they get.

All of you are blind to what is happening in our nation because your media is in the form of propaganda. Media that gets its talking points from China and the Democratic Party. I’m glad this paper is an open forum so you can hide behind it calling me disloyal. Doubt you’d say it to my face. Signed, a patriotic, Trump-supporting, Millennial veteran.

Stephen Phillips



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