Phone company explains policy on canceling service

In response to a reader’s Nov. 3 letter to the editor, I’d like to apologize for any confusion and clarify our requirements to alter or cancel service that’s under another person’s name.

At Hawaiian Telcom, we take our role as a provider of vital communication services seriously and have implemented safeguards to ensure that our customers’ services are not altered without proper authorization. For this reason, an unauthorized individual must provide proof that they are able to “act on behalf” of the account holder. If the account holder has passed away, one of the following combinations is required to change or cancel service:

• Proof of death, such as a death certificate or obituary, and a legal document, such as a probate court order that validates the individual’s authorization on behalf of the account holder.

• A signed statement confirming that the caller has the authority to make changes to the account and a copy of the individual’s current government-issued ID.

In some cases, customers add their adult children as authorized parties, which enables them to make any changes to the account.

Michael Contreras

Hawaiian Telcom

Unified Contact Center



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