Roosevelt New Deal sought relief, recovery and reform

It seems that once again money and power have the candidates for president that they prefer. Two dwarfs of cupidity. Two ignorant men seeking no reforms or fundamental changes in an inequitable society.

To the rest of us comes the stupid advice that we should vote for the lesser of two evils. But once we have established evil, lesser or greater, support for it is evil. Especially when there is an option not to vote for evil.

Let’s face it. There is only one political party in America. It doesn’t matter who wins elections. Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden are just as venal as Trump and McConnell. The face of the president may change along with an administration, but power remains in the hands of a narrow ruling class. Neither major party seeks change and reform. Why should they? Party leaders are content to squat stiffly in their nests of privilege.

We are told also that we must return to normalcy. But hasn’t normalcy been selective? Millions of citizens have been left out.

Normalcy was not on the mind of Roosevelt. The New Deal sought relief, recovery and reform.

Withhold your vote from anyone who ignores your interests. If you facilely give it away to the lesser evil, evil remains in power. Vote for those who convincingly respect human needs above the rights and privileges of wealth and property.

Offering up a “hungry ghost” or a “living corpse,” the parties insult our indignant souls.

Raphael O’Suna



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