Vaccine for any virus doesn’t always stop spread

Letters to the Editor

I wanted to correct a common misconception contained in a recent letter. Getting a vaccine for any virus does not necessarily prevent its spread. Viruses are all around us and there is no way to prevent anyone, vaccinated or not, from transmitting them. Vaccination does make the illness ...

Smiles back, but not everywhere


Isn’t it wonderful to see smiles again? As we shed our masks outdoors and community activities return, the aloha spirit is on full display. The warmth Maui is known for was harder to detect behind masks and visors. We all tried learning to smile with our eyes, but only so much warmth can be ...

America’s majority want stricter gun laws

Letters to the Editor

I am very sorry to learn that gun ownership is up in Hawaii. Some buyers reference the need for protection. Somehow, it does not seem to be working so well for the nation. I don’t buy that the Second Amendment gives the right to bear an AK-47. Somehow, I would not feel protected when a ...

Short-term vacation rentals need limits on occupancy

Letters to the Editor

Dear planning commission, when you recommend allowing a house to become a short-term vacation rental, and allow two adults per bedroom, do you realize that eight unrelated people, adults on vacation, will move in, although “temporarily” next door to residents who live in their homes? In ...

In her element


Her name is Karen Motooka, but you might know her as “ReStore Karen.” Motooka can’t pinpoint exactly when she got the nickname, but she’s happy it stuck. Motooka is the donation procurement ambassador at Habitat for Humanity Maui’s ReStore in Waikuku, a nonprofit home ...

Discrepancy in spelling of street name

Letters to the Editor

Back in March, The Maui News reported about the floods and the breach of a dam. This is when I first noticed a discrepancy in the spelling of a certain street. The Maui News, and apparently everybody else but me, spelled it Kaupakalua while I was certain it was spelled Kaupakulua. I ...