For Maui County, the best way to care for one another is vaccination


With COVID-19 cases hitting record numbers in Hawaii nearly a year and a half into the pandemic, many are wearily asking, “How we will get through this?” The answer is, as always: Together. It’s likely you’ve heard differing views about the risks and benefits of vaccination on ...

DOH should initiate investigation into claims

Letters to the Editor

Did Dr. Pang violate the Hippocratic oath? Should he be summarily removed from his position because Sen. Baker has appointed herself as prosecutor, jury and judge? Dr. Pang is entitled to due process like everyone else. If Hawaii Department of Health determines he has crossed a line, DOH ...

When America Stood as One


Where were you when you heard the terrible news? Most of us in Hawaii were asleep when hijackers smashed passenger jets into the World Trade Center and Pentagon on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001. The first aircraft hit the North Tower at 2:45 a.m. HST. Some of us were roused by frantic phone ...

Refusing society-protecting vaccine should come at cost

Letters to the Editor

When a person decides not to get a COVID vaccine, regardless of the reason, it puts the health services we need out of reach for the citizens of Maui. The hospital fills with unvaccinated people and suddenly there is no room for someone in the emergency room with regular health emergencies. ...

Demand to see data that supports another lockdown

Letters to the Editor

As we face threats of another lockdown, we should all demand to see the data that supports another lockdown and these restrictions placed on us all by politicians. Show us the data that tells us where the clusters are forming. If there are household clusters, then how will a lockdown fix ...

Who wants to move to Texas?


Texas has low taxes, which is nice. Its mild winter weather appeals to many in the snowbound north. And the cost of living there is certainly lower than that of the elite coastal cities. Also nice. On the other hand, it has a political culture that launches serial attacks on voting ...