Calls from spoofed MPD number threaten arrest

The Maui News

Police are warning about a telephone scam involving call spoofing or calls appearing to originate from the Maui Police Department nonemergency phone number, 244-6400.

Police say the calls are not being generated by MPD, although the callers identify themselves as police officers and provide a name, badge number and extension number.

Callers claim there is an arrest warrant for the person receiving the call and direct recipients to call U.S. Legal Support at (720) 316-0033.

When asked for a copy of the warrant, callers say the person would have to appear in court first and are being named in a lawsuit.

Police advise people to be cautious when responding to calls from an unidentified phone number. If the call seems suspicious, recipients shouldn’t verify personal information.

Police suggest that people obtain information about the caller, including phone number, possible accent, tone and demeanor. People also are advised to ask questions and ask for the caller’s name, company name and phone number.

Suspicious activity can be reported to police at 244-6400 or crimeprevention@mpd.net. Complaints also can be filed with the Federal Trade Commission at www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/#crnt&panel1-1.


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