Support lower income threshold for housing

On Jan. 21, the County Council’s Governance, Ethics and Transparency Committee took up the issue of extending the term of the Affordable Housing Fund. The term extension and the increase of revenue from 2 percent to 3 percent of total real property taxes collected were proposed. The change in percentage would create over $10 million to go into fund each year.

The County Charter also requires whom developers can use the money for. Currently, funds can go for household earning up to 160 percent ($134,000) per year. Council Member Kelly King proposed a change to 100 percent ($83.800) of area median income and the change to 100 percent passed the GET Committee. I support the change.

Study after study has shown that the largest need for housing is for folks making area median income of $83,800 (100 percent) or less. It is about time that we put our dollars for our people with the most need. There was opposition to the change to 100 percent. So please write to Kelly.King@MauiCounty.us to support the change or testify at the next Maui County Council meeting when the issue is on the docket (possibly, Feb. 7). Thanks for your kokua.

Stan Franco



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