Maui High’s Shim, Hera win MIL titles

Sabers, Warriors take team championships


KAHULUI — Competing in their home gym, Maui High School shooters went home with a lot of medals on Saturday afternoon after the Maui Interscholastic League air riflery championship.

The Sabers’ Jordan Shim and Kamila Hera captured individual gold, while the Maui High boys dominated to a team win at the Shine Matsui Athletic Center.

Shim shot 185 in the prone position, 165 standing and 171 kneeling, making him the overall champion and leading his boys squad to a team title with 2,065 points. Teammates Dane Payba and Isaac Olsen earned silver and bronze with scores of 515, while Justin Bio posted a 514 as the Sabers swept the top four spots.

Baldwin (1,983) was second, while four-time defending MIL boys team champion Kamehameha Maui was fourth at 1,783.

“I’m pretty happy,” said Shim, a junior. “It’s good because the last few seasons we’ve lost. I think we just started communicating more and it was fun that it all paid off.”


Although not particularly satisfied with her score of 511, Hera was more than pleased with her win in her senior season.

“I’m surprised and much more relaxed that it’s over,” she said. “First off, I was just hoping to pass my goal, and when I realized that I actually made it to states, I was like ‘Oh, wow.’ “

Hera was joined on the podium by teammate Kaitlyn Otani-Hernandez, who shot a total of 507 for second place. The pair led Maui High to a second-place finish in the girls team competition, seven points behind champion Kamehameha Maui (2,007).

For the next couple of weeks leading into the Civilian Marksmanship Program State Championship, Maui High coach Lawrence Pagaduan said that the Sabers will just be practicing like they’ve done all year.

“They did well, I mean they worked hard all season and they finally gelled at the last meet,” Pagaduan said. “The boys, they worked hard, they were strong, and I’m also satisfied with the girls’ performance.”

Girls champion Kamila Hera of Maui High shoots from the kneeling position Saturday. The Maui News / MATTHEW THAYER photo

The top 11 shooters for the boys and girls Saturday qualified to travel to Oahu, with the top four spots held for the MIL championship teams.

After waiting with anticipation for the final results to be announced, the Warriors girls team finally heard their names. Nalikoleilani Cabanilla led Kamehameha Maui to its second straight girls team title with her third-place finish at 506.

Kuualoha Bailey shot 504, Kuumana Bailey had a 499 and Bailey Ventura added a 498 for the Warriors.

“We were really scared because we knew Maui High was our biggest competition,” Cabanilla said. “When we heard that we won, we all started crying and screaming. It just feels really good to repeat what we did last year.”

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Competitors shoot from the prone position. The Maui News / MATTHEW THAYER photo

MIL Championships

Saturday’s Results

At Maui High



1. Maui High 743-643-679–2065: Jordan Shim 185-165-171–521, Dane Payba 189-157-169–515, Issac Olsen 187-158-170–515, Justin Bio 182-163-169–514, Evan Aquinde 182-144-167–493, Jordan Tavares 177-147-165–489, Ronel Yadao 178-150-159–487, Mason Bailey 179-138-161–478, Davin Toguchi 175-144-153–472, Bryan Pontanilla 175-118-159–452, D’Marco Rabang 170-128-145–443, Kyler Duque 181-138-122–441.

2. Baldwin 728-583-688–1983: Reece Ugalino 176-163-172–511, Daniel Garcia 183-148-161–492, Devin-Taylor Raquinio 180-137-174–491, Damien Macadangdang 185-135-169–489, Jaden Pladera 180-134-163–477, Chandler Tumaneng 171-123-171–465, Shayne Enomoto 175-107-171–453, Dodie Madriaga 163-124-152–439, Aaron Nakamura 156-117-157–430, Jarin Tateishi 150-129-146–425, Kameron Adachi 176-109-112–397.

3. King Kekaulike 733-578-653–1951: Kapono Mossman 185-154-174–513, Xaden Nishimitsu 191-146-166–503, Cyrus Kaeo 171-144-158–473, Riley Williams 173-134-155–462, Jonathan Lane 179-128-146–453, Kailen Gillespie 178-111-143–432, Noa Ramirez 168-113-141–422, Elijah Kaeo 168-104-147–419, Aiden Lizarraga 146-99-111–356, Rezen Pagan 163-67-96–326.

4. Kamehameha Maui 694-518-576–1783: Gabriel Arcas 181-145-159–485, Jonah Salomon 176-128-143–447, Bradin Nitahara 178-113-136–427, Coian Hett 159-128-137–424, Kainoa Gates 156-117-137–410, Kaipo Asing 142-94-135–371.

5. Seabury Hall 657-472-563–1594: Barrett Barnard 169-93-145–407, Austin Lugo 159-128-119–406, Robert Browning 166-99-128–393, James Millen 123-138-127–388, Ben DeWilde 156-79-145–380, Max Balter 163-81-135–379, Tyler Taguchi 132-107-138–377, Ethan Matsui-Wong 136-67-131–334, Jack Stewart 120-98-85–303.

6. Hana 371-183-316–870: Kayden Kaauamo 140-85-129–354, Owali Moeai 114-57-107–278, Fa’a Moeai 117-41-80–238.

7. Molokai 349-219-268–836: Gavin Makekau 184-128-151–463, Kyden Sasada 165-91-117–373.

8. Lahainaluna 303-189-304–796: Noa Bauchman 156-120-164–440, Aiden Brown 147-69-140–356.


1. Kamehameha Maui 732-631-667–2007: Nalikoleilani Cabanilla 183-160-163–506, Kuualoha Bailey 188-143-173–504, Kuumana Bailey 175-165-159–499, Bailey Ventura 181-147-170–498, Nanea Ah You 179-159-159–497, Amoi Rutherford Storm 180-135-156–471, Isabelle Greig 158-141-156–455, Teani Kaluhikaua 174-123-156–453, Elyse Kapuni 165-126-161–452, Alexa Villa 174-129-138–441, Karrisa Pond 172-129-136–437, Jordan Holokai-Jacinto 158-126-128–412, Jolie Inciong 137-125-146–408, Welina-Lani Carino 152-116-137–405, Te’a Nitta 145-108-124–377.

2. Maui High 763-592-667–2000: Kamila Hera 1952-142-174–511, Kaitlyn Otani-Hernandez 192-157-158–507, Alexis Viloria 189-147-157–493, Jenna Payba 187-133-169–489, Jourly Versola 179-137-160–476, Tamlyn Tashiro 168-146-156–470, Jordyn Pagaduan 184-121-164–469, Lainie Inda 177-130-149–456, Shyla Orquia 180-138-136–454, Raellyn Santos 166-134-140–440.

3. Baldwin 719-566-659–1905: Mia Kihara 177-146-161–484, Shylee Gomes 178-146-153–477, Kirsten Schmitt 178-135-163–476, Lexie Galam 164-139-165–468, Brielle Fernandez 178-117-170–465, Danay Contreras 185-117-147–449, Maria Andrade 166-94-122–382.

4. Seabury Hall 700 -554-616–1815: Eva Ponting 177-119-166–462, Audrey Ng 172-141-142–455, Egesu Berkmen 145-153-152–450, Elena Hickey 163-135-150–448, Linda Schmitt 169-107-148–424, Alara Berkmen 177-117-126–420, Taylie Kawakami 174-125-110–409, Dyani Pierner 170-110-120–400, Augustina Hunziker 152-80-120–352, Darija Trumbo 121-77-143–341.

5. King Kekaulike 520-402-415–1337: Kali Spalding 183-137-146–466, Teisha Nishimitsu 165-139-138–442, Tatum Astilla 172-126-131–429.

6. Molokai 515-327-460–1302: Maria Angst 184-144-159–487, Raven Morris 177-106-139–422, Malia Keanini 154-77-162–393.

7. Hana 263-156-253–672: Nariah Piimauna 139-98-127–364, Gwen Hightower 124-58-126–308.

8. Lahainaluna 155-128-152–435: Maydelyn Sajor 155-128-152–435.


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