Two-year renewals offered for medical cannabis patients

Patient must be renewing with a physician or APRN who certified them in a previous year

The Maui News

Starting Thursday, the state Department of Health will allow qualifying patients to renew their medical cannabis certifications cards for up to two years.

Through the online electronic registration system, current medical cannabis cardholders can submit their two-year renewal applications if they have a qualifying debilitating medical condition that is chronic in nature and verified by their physician or advanced practice registered nurse.

To be eligible for two-year certification renewal, the patient must be renewing with a physician or APRN who certified them in a previous year. The certifying physician or APRN must state the patient’s condition is chronic in nature, and the certifying physician or APRN must agree that a two-year renewal is in the patient’s best interest.

“The registration fees are nonrefundable regardless of the renewal outcome,” said Tami Whitney of the department’s Medical Cannabis Registry Program. “All patients that choose to see a new certifying medical provider will be eligible for a one-year registration and the following year may be eligible for a two-year renewal.”

Registered patients can submit their renewal application online as early as 60 days before their registration cards expire to ensure they receive their renewed cards in a timely manner and avoid any lapse in coverage.

Types of registration options for medical cannabis certification and associated costs in Hawaii are as follows:

• One-year registration or renewal for in-state patients: $38.50.

• Two-year renewal for in-state patients: $77.

• Sixty-day registration for out-of-state patients: $49.50 per registration (allowed twice per calendar year).

For more information on the program, visit health.hawaii.gov/medicalcannabisregistry.