Deer overwhelming problem for farmers

The deer has become an overwhelming problem on this island. How many people have damaged their cars from the deer sprinting across the roadway?

I see residents in Kula who have put up a double fence line to prevent the deer from jumping into their yard.

The deer are damaging farmers’ crops. Who is going to help our farmers? They already have to deal with the weather and bugs, and now the deer.

I have spoken to many farmers who are all facing the problem of the deer. Eating up their newly sprouted crop. Damaging water lines.

How can we become self-sustaining if we have a problem like the deer hurting our farmers?

It is a problem that should not have been. It needs to be addressed before it gets even worse. The deer are everywhere. From Upcountry to Wailea to Waikapu.

Let’s do something now!

Who’s going to step up?

Shirley Jones



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